Wholesale winter shoes for sale

The winter season approaches, therefore this is the time to start thinking about buying some wholesale winter shoes and clothes. For those of You, who have already started preparations to this season, we have an offer, which You might consider.

wholesale winter shoes

As You can see, one of the wholesalers have started promoting the wholesale winter footwear he has for sale. According to the offer, there are more or less 600 pairs per model or colour. The available sizes of this wholesale footwear start from 36, and end with 41. Because of that, these are rather ladies wholesale shoes.

All of this footwear is the latest season, so You will not find any obsolete shoes among them. The shoes are made from PU (bicast leather).

The final thing, is that the wholesaler did not set any minimal order. It is not a matter of contacting him to find it out, because he simply decided to complete all orders, regardless of the number of shoes You will buy. In this case, You are able to purchase as many shoes as You want, in accordance with Your own estimated sales volume.

There are a few more pictures and information available, so if this deal is interesting for You, just click the link: wholesale winter shoes