Aeropostale wholesale t-shirts for ladies and men

Founded in 1973, Aeropostale is a one of the most popular brands of US clothes. It is not available within the European official distribution, still European consumers do appreciate this brand, and are interested in purchasing clothes designeb by Aeropostale.

Because of the above-mentioned reasons, today we want to share with You a wholesale deal on Aeropostale wholesale t-shirts. This wholesale lot consists of 7800 pieces of t-shirts total: 7540 pieces of men’s t-shirts, and 292 pieces of ladies’ t-shirts.

aeropostale wholesale clothes

The sizes ration is very rich, and starts from XS. The biggest available size is XXXL.

The wholesaler asked all potential buyers to contact him directly for detailed information about the transaction, including the list of available models, or the minimal order quantity. Because of that, we can only advise You to view his full offer first, and then contact him directly to find out more: click here

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