Pallets of mixed power tools from the UK

Are you looking for cheap power tools wholesale offers? We have found a supplier that is selling mix pallets of power tools and hand tools coming that have been returned by the customers. The company offers many different lots at prices ranging from 400 GBP up to even 29,400 GBP per pallet. The items offered by this refurbishing company include many popular and renowned for its high quality brands such as Bosch, Erbauer, Dewalt, MacAllister, Energer, Titan, JCB, Ryobi and others. Each pallets contains an assortment of different tools, for example angle grinders, sheet sanders, hedge trimmers, mitre saws, chainsaws, hammer drills, staplers, nailers, multi tools and spare parts.

Pallets of power tools from the UK

    Pallets of power tools – customer returns from the UK

On average, each pallet includes about 50-150 powertools, as well as handtools and accessories related with renovation and construction works. The goods are untested, C GRADE  commodities with 50-60% initial efficiency and in a very good visual condition. There are slight defects in some, however, the estimated level of final waste is 10-15%.

The detailed list of all the products is in the attachment to every wholesale offer available in this LINK.

The company is specialised in refurbishing products and it has been operating on the market for about 10 years. Thus, on request of the purchaser, there is a possibility of refurbishing the entire stocks or the chosen pallets of products under conditions agreed individually between the two parties.

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