Wholesale of warm winter clothing for men

Winter is coming! Are your shops ready to sell warm winter jumpers for these cold, windy days? If you have not replenished your clothing stocks yet, we can recommend you a good wholesaler from the United Kingdom, who is offering for sale cheap winter clothes for men. The price is very occasional, only £3.25 / piece!

The seller has in stock several models of men’s sweaters available in different sizes, depending on the stock. For example, you can purchase a stock of the M&S model, which is a full zip jumper made of 52% Cotton, 41% Viscose, 7% Polyamide. The jumpers are available in grey colour, in in sizes from S to XXL. There are 91 pieces in stock (see the picture 1.). You need to order the whole stock at a price of £3.50 / piece.

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men’s sweaters in navy colour


And if you need some larger lots, you may be interested in purchasing the F&F model, which is a jumper made of 85% Acrylic, 15% Wool, available in navy colour, sizes M to XXL (see the picture 2.). For these jumpers, the minimum order is 100 pieces, and the total stock is composed of 609 pieces. You can purchase them at the price of £3.25 / piece.


The company offers international shipping, but you can also collect the goods in person, in Colchester, the United Kingdom. The payment methods accepted by the seller are: cash, bank transfer and payment online. 


If you want to see more clothing wholesale offers of this wholesaler, just click the link below: