Wholesale supplies of Aptamil baby milk in 4 types

Have you been recently looking for baby food products supplier? We have found an offer on a stock of baby milk powder by a popular European brand Aptamil. The stock is composed of 400g packages of Aptamil baby milk available in 4 types: Aptamil Pregomin Allergy Digestive Care, Aptamil Pronuta Comfort 1, Aptamil Pronutra HA 2 and Aptamil Pronutra Premature. 

Aptamil baby milk wholesale

    Aptamil baby milk wholesale stock


The seller is an import-export company from Poland, offering a variety of wholesale goods, among others clothing and fashion accessories for children, as well as school stationery. They are currently looking for buyers for their stock of 4700 pieces of Aptamil baby milk.


The stock is composed of the following products and quantities:


– Aptamil Pregomin Allergy Digestive Care: 119 cartons (24 pieces) = 2856 pieces
– Aptamil Pronuta Comfort 1: 36 cartons (24 pieces) = 864 pieces
– Aptamil Pronutra HA 2: 22 cartons (24 pieces) = 528 pieces
– Aptamil Pronutra Premature: 19 cartons (24 pieces) = 456 pieces

The products’ expiry date is:  10.2018


If you decide to purchase the whole stock, the take-all price is € 7.90 / piece, which equals
€ 37,130 / lot. There is also a possibility to place smaller orders. In this case, the prices is negotiable.

The wholesaler offers has not specified any accepted payment options. The price does not include shipping costs.

You can find out more photos and information about this deal in the following link:

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