Wholesale shoes, 14.000 pairs total to buy

A big deal on 14.000 pairs of wholesale shoes has been introduced by one of the wholesale suppliers. The stock includes various types of footwear, available in many different sizes.

The basic information about this offer, is that a minor amount of these shoes is not packed in separate boxes. Nevertheless, the wholesaler packed all of the loose shoes in to bigger boxes, to prevent them from shipping damages.

wholesale shoes

Next thing, is the method of completing the deal. The wholesaler strongly suggests to view these shoes and inspect the stock before ordering it, because the pictures do not give a good impression of both the number of models, and the quality of this footwear.

Finally, the take all deal is highly preferred by the wholesaler, but if he will not receive an offer on all of these wholesale shoes, then he is willing to consider smaller orders. Still, You will need to place an order on at least 4.000 pairs of these shoes.

Obviously, the wholesaler took some more pictures of this stock, and provided a more detailed description of this offer. If You would like to view it, then please do not hesitate to visit this website: wholesale shoes.