Wholesale scooters from a German manufacturer

Have you been looking for children’s sport equipment and toys wholesale offers? We found something that might be of your interest. You can order children’s scooters directly from a manufacturer based in Germany. The company offers a stock of extra large scooters with stylish designs and colours at a cheap price $24.15 per piece.The stock is composed of 1000 pieces of colourful scooters XXL size. They are characterised by an aluminium height-adjustable frame and plastic elements, robust high rebound wheels Ø 205mm with non-slip tread surface, GT rear wheel friction brake, padded handles, parking foot stand, foldable aluminum handlebar and adjustable shoulder strap.

wholesale scooters for kids and adults

wholesale scooters for kids and adults


The product has the following dimensions : 88x38x95-106cm
It should withstand the load of 100kg and it weighs 3,8kg.

The manufacturer offers the items at the attractive wholesale price of only $24.15 per piece, and an exceptionally high availability. They can deliver the products worldwide on pallets or in cardboard boxes, directly from their central warehouse in Münster, Germany. The accepted payment options are: bank transfer, paying in cash or PayPal. The shipping cost depends on the weight of the order and the distance to the destination location.

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