Wholesale lot of Miss Sixty winter coats

Black Friday is coming, and this clearly means that retail begins the winter season too. Obviously, wholesalers began their preparations earlier, to enable shop owners to purchase the merchandise they needed, to start the winter season on time.

Although You probably will not be able to order the below-mentioned goods before Black Friday, the deal itself is still worth consideration, especially if You are selling clothes for women. A wholesaler from Romania has a small parcel of Miss Sixty winter coats, and would like to find a buyer, who will be interested in purchasing them all.

Miss Sixty winter coats wholesale

This is a job lot deal, so You will not receive a full sizes ratio, or all of the available colours, but this also means that You will not stuck with the less popular colours or sizes. As said, the total available amount of these winter coats by Miss Sixty is 30 pieces, and You need to buy them all to complete the deal.

The important aspect of this deal, is a fact, that You will be allowed to retail those women’s winter coats anywhere in Europe. The reason for that is quite obvious: there are no sales restrictions on those Miss Sixty products. The wholesaler prepared a manifest of available coats, which might be very helpful for all potential buyers. To download it, just go to this website: link