Wholesale fragrances’ clearance sale, well-known brands only

Wholesale clearance deal on ladies’ and men’s fragrances has been announced by one of the Dutch wholesalers. If You are a bulk buyer of perfumes, or You sell these products in Your online shop, then You might want to find out more about this offer.

The wholesaler did not reveal the total available amount of these wholesale fragrances, but he mentioned some of the products, that now are available at clearance price.

wholesale fragrances

The following fragrances’ brands were listed by the wholesaler: Cerruti, Davidoff, Lady Gaga, Calvin Klein, JOOP !. The most common quantity for the certain fragrance of one of these brands is 100 bottles.

The wholesaler did not mention the minimal quantity to buy, so You need to contact him directly, to discuss Your orders in details. For a bit more information about this wholesale clearance deal, please go to this website: click