Wholesale footwear by Onitsuka Tiger clearance stock

Onitsuka Tiger is one of the oldest Japanese brands of shoes, which have been established on 1949. Still, You might not recognize this brand, because nowadays, most of the footwear of this company is sold under ASICS brand.

Because we do not receive offers on Onitsuka Tiger wholesale shoes too often, we have decided to share this one with You. A wholesaler is offering a small parcel of these sneakers, including 60 pairs total.

Onitsuka Tiger wholesale shoes

Because of the low available amount, the only option of purchasing this brand new wholesale footwear, is to order them all. There are 6 different models available, with an equal number of shoes per size. In other words, despite the low amount of footwear to buy, this parcel offers quite a diversity of shoes.

If this is a merchandise, that You would like to resell, You should view some more pictures of this stock first: click here