Wholesale Air Jordan hoodies for men

Are you looking for Air Jordan distributor of clothing within Europe? Today we would like to present a wholesaler  who has listed for sale a stock of Air Jordan Therma 23 Alpha Training hooded sweatshirts for men. The sportwear is brand new.

The products have been listed by an import-export company based in central Europe. They offer brand new Air Jordan hoodies for men, which are available in the following sizes:

XS – 1; S – 1; M – 4; L – 5; XL – 4; XXL – 4; XXL – 3; 4XL – 1

The company can also offer you many different brands’ sports clothing and shoes, among others: Adidas, Reebok, Saucony, New Balance, Puma, Converse, Timberland, and so on.

Air Jordan sportswear wholesale deal

Air Jordan sportswear wholesale deal

You can check the presented assortment in this LINK, where you will find different models of sweatpants, baseball caps, sweatshirts, sports shoes wholesale offers.

The products can be checked in the warehouse before purchase. All goods have been bought directly from offical distributors. The available payment options are:  bank transfer, in cash and payment online. The minimum order is a small lot of 3 pieces. The Air Jordan hoodies come in packages of 25 pieces. The price is EUR 39.50 / piece. 

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