Welly cars and beach toys wholesale lot for sale

We know that many buyers of wholesale toys, who are visiting our website, are patiently waiting for some news concerning this type of wholesale merchandise. Since a few days, we were looking for the offer, which might be interesting for You. Today we have found one, so please view the rest of this note, to find out more about it.

A mixed lot of wholesale toys has been offered for sale by one of the European wholesalers of toys and baby products. The parcel consists of brand new wholesale toys, and includes many different types of these products.

welly toys wholesale

A big part of this stock are toy cars by Welly, while the rest are beach and summer wholesale toys. Among them, You will find water pistols, pirate ships, bucket sets, spin blades and many more. The total available amount of these wholesale toys is 2736 pcs, and the minimum to order is 1400 pcs.

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