Used shop equipment & office furniture sold at wholesale price

Do you need some cheap furniture for your shop or office? Today we want to present to you an Italian  wholesaler who deals with such equipment. You can purchase whole sets of boutique furniture with shelves, fitting rooms, counters, walls, hangers, baskets etc.

The wholesaler has for sale many furniture sets for offices, boutiques, shops, etc., which are all used but in very good condition. They come from shop liquidation stocks and bankrupt stocks. In particular, there are three offers at the moment on different sets of furniture. All manufactured in Italy.

Boutique furniture wholesale

boutique furniture wholesale

The cheapest one is ivory colour furniture for shops at a wholesale price of  EUR 7.50 / m². The set includes wall panels divided in modules of 95 cm wide and about 225 cm high. The panels are robust, equipped with racks, hanging bars and baskets. They can be completed with display cases, standers, fitting rooms etc. 

wholesale shop furniture & fitting rooms

wholesale shop furniture & fitting rooms

Another stock of boutique furniture is composed of shelves and fitting rooms in beige colour, coming with panels, standers, tables, hanging bars, platforms etc. The furniture is washable allowing for easy conservation. Its clearance price is only EUR 13.00 / m². 

Elegant office furniture stock

Elegant office furniture stock

And lastly, the most elegant furniture in stock that can be suitable for both stores and offices. It is available in warm beige color. It is very durable and versatile in use. It does not need any special maintenance. It includes both single-sided and double-sided walls divided in 60 cm wide modules with a max. height of 225 cm. The furniture is used, in excellent condition. 3000 m² available at EUR 17.00 / m². 

If you are interested in acquiring these products or you want to see more photos, you can click each picture above to go to the particular offer, or click the link below: