Untested customer returns job lot for sale

For some buyers, job lot deals are basically the best ones, because they get lots of stuff for sale. This also applies to the job lot pallets of stock, where You need to buy at least a pallet, but You have a decent amount of products for resale.

A deal of this sort has been announced by one of the wholesalers of consumer electronics and domestic appliances. The job lot pallets he is offering for sale, include the mentioned types of wholesale merchandise, as You can see in the picture.

untested customer returns

Just mind, that all of these goods are untested customer returns, so it is a good offer for those of You, who do know how to fix the products, because at least some of them might be damaged. There also is a restriction for the resale of these items in the certain countries. Reselling them in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland is strictly forbidden. Probably, the brand or brands have their official distribution channels there, and they do not want to create competitors for their official resellers.

If these goods are interesting for You, please view some more information about the deal here: job lot pallets