Super cheap wholesale jeans for children at only EUR 1.00 / piece!

Are you looking for cheap wholesale clothes for children at real bargain price? This stock will something for you. A Polish wholesaler of clothing, shoes and fashion accessories has just offered this clearance stock of denim trousers for kids at really occasional prices starting from as low as EUR 1.00 per piece.

This is a mix stock lot of children and teenager’s trousers, including mainly jeans. The clothing is for kids  from 1/2 years to about 9 years old. It has been made by brands such as Westman, Big Blue, Bonprix, John Baner, and others.

Wholesale jeans for kids

Wholesale jeans for kids

The clothes are available in a variety of model and sizes. You can see an example of what you can find on the pallet in the picture above. The whole stock is composed of 4000 pieces, and the minimal order quantity is 20 pieces. The prices only slightly change depending on the quantity of your order (from €1.00 to €1.04  per garment).

If you are interested in purchasing the stock you can go and find more details about the wholesaler here: LINK.

The company accepts payments by Bank Transfer, PayPal and in cash at collecting the goods in person at their warehouse in Poland. You can also have the items shipped internationally to your place.