Small wholesale lot of sport shoes

Today we would like to introduce You a wholesale deal on branded wholesale footwear. One of the European wholesalers is offering a small lot of shoes to buy, and because of the available quantity, he is only interested in selling them all to one buyer.

There are only 30 pairs of wholesale shoes total available to buy. The wholesaler mentioned some of the brands of these shoes, and all of them are the top ones. According to the offer’s description, the parcel includes Adidas, Converse, Reebok, Ralph Lauren, Puma wholesale footwear, as well as couple of pairs of other renowned brands.

adidas footwear wholesale

The men’s sizes ratio is 41 to 45, and 36 to 39 for ladies’ shoes. We have no packing list for this offer, and we do not know if the wholesaler has one. Still, there are some more photos of this stock available, so if You want to view them, just click this link: wholesale shoes.