Samsung damaged smartphones wholesale lot

This time, we would like to present an opportunity for those companies, which are able to handle damaged wholesale smartphones. A batch of this sort is available to purchase from one of the wholesalers.

Probably, one of the most important information for You, is that this parcel consists of Samsung smartphones only. Moreover, they were all graded by this manufacturer.

samsung damaged wholesale smartphones

In general, they all should be tested more precisely, repaired, reconditioned and reequipped. At least some of the available smartphones will have missing accessories, or will not be packed in original boxes. We did not receive any manifest for this batch, so we cannot provide You with a detailed list of available models.

There are 603 Samsung smartphones total available to buy, and the minimum to spend is EUR 5000. For any further information about this wholesale offer, please get in touch with the wholesaler directly. His offer can also be found here: link