Russel Hobbs job lot pallets of wholesale domestic appliances

Russel Hobbs domestic appliances untested customer returns job lot, is the offer which has just been sent to us by one of the UK wholesalers. He recently received a large parcel of these untested customer returns, and now is offering them for sale.

This job lot includes many different Russel Hobbs wholesale domestic and kitchen appliances, but most of them are kettles, toasters and irons. Although approximately 30% of the available products are packed in generic boxes, the rest of these untested customer returns is sold in original boxes.

russel hobbs customer returns job lot

The total available amount of these Russel Hobbs cheap wholesale appliances is 3538 pieces. The wholesaler’s requirement, is to order at least a full truck of these customer returns, in order to complete the deal with him. For any questions or interests in this job lot, please contact him directly: link