Pros and cons of buying toys customer returns

Each type of wholesale merchandise, including toys untested returns, has some benefits and disadvantages. The most important thing for a retailer or wholesaler, who is willing to start a business based upon this kind of goods, is to know the strong and weak points of such products.

toys untested customer returns

Below You will find some basic advantages and disadvantages of purchasing toys untested returns, for further sales. It is an important notice, because You have to remember, that You do not buy these products for Yourself. You should be able to make some extra money on sales, and we are creating this list from this point of view.


+ it is no secret, that toys customer returns are very cheap
+ usually, a pallet of toys returns will include many different products; for a smaller retailer or a beginner, it is very important to have the variety of goods for sale and not to invest too many funds at the same time
+ vast majority of the goods will be delivered in original boxes
+ in most cases, You will have branded toys untested customer returns, because the clients are usually returning popular and expensive products, not the cheapest ones
+ if You do know a bit about fixing toys, then You will probably be able to sell majority of the goods very fast


– a bad luck can happen, so a pallet might include broken toys only; we therefore recommend buying larger volumes, because the bigger the quantity is, the more products will need few to none repairs
– the variety of products – if the certain part of the stock will become a best seller, You probably will not be able to source more in a short time
– not all of the products will be packed in original boxes; moreover, some of the boxes might be damaged or have some imperfections, which will force You to reduce the price from the very beginning

Of course, lots of other strong and weak points might be added to this list, but we think that these are the most important ones. Eventually, it is all matter of the proper capabilities and supplier. The higher and better these are, the bigger the earnings might be.