Pallets of cleaning agents, detergents etc. from a French wholesaler

Are you looking for supplies of household chemicals? Do you need a wholesaler of such products as cleaning agent, washing powder, WC cleaner etc.? 

This import-export company based in France is specialised in selling such merchandise in bulk quantities at low attractive prices.


In stock, they have got among others several brands of laundry powder on pallets. You can purchase boxes of Dash laundry detergent 4 x 18l at a price of EUR 2.00 / piece. This is a take-all offer, you need to purchase all the  92 pieces of Dash washing powder. Another option is Dash Ecodose capsules for laundry at EUR 6.00/piece. Sufficient for 40 washes. The stock is composed of 25 pieces.

Ariel wholesale laundry detergent - the stock is available in France

Ariel wholesale laundry detergent – the stock is available in France

If you are looking for laundry detergents in liquid, they have got a stock of Ariel Febreze sufficing for 23 washes, which is available in a larger quantity of 728 pieces. The minimum order is 100 pieces. Price: EUR 3.20 / piece. You can also purchase a small stock of Dixan Extreme Power at EUR 4.99 / piece, composed of 30 pieces of the product.


What else can you purchase? You can buy a larger stock of  651 pieces of Cillit Bang cleaner 750ml at a wholesale price of only EUR 1.20 / piece. The minimum order is 100 pieces of this cleaner. Alternatively, you can buy a Bref brand clening agent, which is available in the quantity of 410 pieces (take-all offer) at a price of EUR 1.27 / piece. There is also an even cheaper toilet cleaner at €1.00 / piece, brand WC-EEND, which is available in the quantity of 450 pieces (the ninimum order is  100 pieces). 

cilit bang wholesale

Whichever product you choose, the stock can be inspected at the seller’s warehouse, and you can pay for the goods by VISA card, bank transfer or American Express.

In the wholesaler’s offer you will also find toilet cubes and dishwasher capsules. If you wish to see the full offer of products available from this seller, please follow the link below: