Wholesale pallets of cheap leather shoes for men – B Grade

Are you looking for British wholesalers of cheap leather footwear for men? We have just found a very interesting stock of men’s leather shoes sold at only GBP 5.00 / pair! The low price is due to the shoes being debranded or rebranded, some of them might have some small visual imperefections.

The company is selling a parcel of leather footwear for men that is available in a variety of styles, colours and sizes. The goods have been originally produced for the top British and European high street brands such as ASOS, M&S, Oaktrak, Next, TopShop, Red Tape, etc. Most of them have been rebranded or debranded, however, so that now they are available for sale at bargain prices depending on how many pallets you order.

Wholesale of mixed leather shoes for men - debranded & rebranded high quality footwear

Wholesale of mixed leather shoes for men – debranded & rebranded high quality footwear

The minimum order is 120 pairs (1 pallet), available at the price of £ 6.00 per pair. You will receive a quantity discount if you purchase 5 pallets including 600 pairs, which gives you the price of £ 5.50 per pair; or 10 pallets including 1200 pairs of shoes, which gives you the best price of £ 5.00 / pair. The total quantity of the footwear is 2000 pairs.

The wholesaler reserves that the footwear is B Grade, so some pairs may feature minor cosmetic defects.

 You can order an international delivery to your location or collect the products in person in the seller’s warehouse in Colchester. The accepted payment methods by the seller are: bank transfer, payment online and in cash.

If you wish to see more photos of the footwear offered for sale, you can follow the link below: