Mixed surplus stock of wholesale car parts

Despite smaller or bigger problems of many different makes of cars with selling new models of their vehicles, the other classes of automotive industry are fine. Currently, the most profitable part of this business is supplying spare parts.

excess stock sale

Generally, obtaining car parts is not a problem itself, until the price is not a key factor. There are numerous ways of purchasing this wholesale merchandise, but only few of them are guaranteeing both great volume of sales and decent profit. One of the best is to purchase excess stock from a car wholesale, or a closeout stock of such products directly from the liquidator.

We have received a wholesale offer of this sort lately. A supplier has 105 pallets of spare parts for sale. All of them are suitable for Japanese cars, including the most popular makes like Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Suzuki. All of them have never been used, and are sold under Nipparts brand’s name. This brand is commonly known for producing and supplying spare parts for Japanese makes of cars, what makes this cheap car parts deal even more interesting. Of course, supplier provides a packing list, which is available for all customers upon direct request via email or phone. You can also contact the supplier and ask about the stock inspection in his warehouse, in Netherlands.

Finally, all potential buyers have to remember about few things, while considering making an offer to the wholesaler. First of all, this wholesale lot has to be exported outside Netherlands. According to the information provided by the wholesaler of this excess inventory, it is the only country excluded from sales. The second important thing is that this has to be a take all deal. Currently, no option of purchasing the particular pallets of stock will be considered by the wholesaler.