Men’s wholesale jackets clearance stock

Today we bring You an opportunity of purchasing men’s wholesale jackets for heavily discounted price. The deal has been sent to us by one of the UK wholesalers, and consists of a few thousands of new wholesale jackets for men.

Unfortunately, we are unable to show You decent pictures of these goods, because the wholesaler send us miniatures only. Nonetheless, if You will be interested in purchasing this stock, then just contact him and ask about some more pictures of these jackets.

All of these wholesale clothes are sold for ex factory price, so this is a cancelled order stock. The wholesaler did not mention the brand, so these are either ex catalogued wholesale jackets, or unbranded ones. This also needs clarification, once You get in touch with the wholesaler.

There are over 17 different styles of jackets available to buy, so buyers should not have any troubles with choosing those, which will be easy to sell to their customers. If You need some more information about this stock, just click this link to find them: wholesale jackets

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