Men’s long sleeve t-shirts stock from a clothing wholesaler in Spain

Today we would like to recommend a Spanish wholesaler of women and men’s clothes, based in Barcelona. They are have recently offered for sale a nice stock lot of long-sleeved printed t-shirts for men at really attractive prices. 

The stocklot is composed of  8550 pieces of assorted long sleeve tees for men, featuring a fashionable printing and various casual style models. The clothing has been made of 100% cotton for several American and European brands. It is available in sizes from S to XXL. You can see the examples of garments below:

European and American brands printed long sleeve T-shirts for men

European and American brands printed long sleeve T-shirts for men


Everything is packed in boxes of 80 garments assorted in various models and printings. The prices start from EUR 1.95 / piece if you order a minimum of 1280 pieces. The total stock includes 8550 garments.

You can also consider ordering a stock of assorted sweatshirts for men, including hoodies and crewnecks, packed in boxes of 35 garments. These clothes are also 100% cotton, packed individually in plastic bags. A minimum order is one pallet composed of 875 pieces in total. The prices start from EUR 3.95 / piece if you order 1750 garments. One pallet goes at a price of EUR 4.50 / piece. 

The seller accepts payments in cash or via bank transfer. You can collect the goods in person or have them shipped to your place. If you want to see more offers from this clothing wholesaler, don’t forget to check out the link below:


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