Lotto wholesale shoes for men stock lot

One of the Lithuanian wholesalers is offering Lotto wholesale shoes stock lot for sale. The parcel is available in his warehouse, in Lithuania, and consists of men’s leather wholesale footwear only.

There are some different models of these wholesale shoes to choose from. Also the sizes ratio is full, because the list of sizes starts from 41 and ends with 46.

lotto wholesale shoes

The total available amount of these leather wholesale shoes is 250 pairs, but the wholesaler is also offering smaller orders. You will be able to buy from him, if You will order at least 10 pairs of Lotto shoes. We do not know if You are also able to choose the sizes You need, or the shoes are assorted per models and sizes, and packed in masterboxes.

Nevertheless, if You find this offer interesting, then please do not hesitate to view some more genuine pictures of these wholesale shoes. All of them are available here: link