Lidl mixed wholesale clothing for adults and children

Lidl is one of the most renowned discount supermarket chain in Europe. Because of that, many independent retailers are searching for opportunities to buy their excess stocks and end of line stocks. Today, we are able to share with You one of these opportunities.

One of the German wholesalers of surplus stocks, is currently offering Lidl wholesale clothing lot for sale. Instead of many typical offers, this wholesaler does not sell these wholesale clothes per pieces. The order’s unit is a kilogram, and the minimal order is 1000 kg of these clothes.

lidl wholesale clothing

As You can see in the picture from above, at least some of these garments are sold under Esmara brand, which is one of the most popular of Lidl brands. According to the offer, there are ladies, men’s and children’s wholesale clothes, from summer and winter seasons. Moreover, most of these clothes are available in full sizes ratios.

For more information about this offer, please go to this link: website