Job lot pallets of wholesale christmas decorations

Christmas season is coming, and offers of wholesale christmas decorations are appearing more often. That is why, today we will share with You a deal on christmas merchandise, which has been listed by a German wholesaler.

This wholesale clearance deal’s minimum order is one pallet. Since this is a clearance stock, the wholesaler just briefly mentions the types of wholesale christmas decorations, which are offered for sale as job lot pallets.

wholesale christmas decorations

The pallets will include glass balls, christmas lights, candles, christmas tableclothes and many other christmas decorations. The pallet’s approximate size is 1.20 x 0.80 x 1.10 m. Obviously, these are just basic information about the deal, and for more, You should contact the wholesaler directly. Just do not wait too long, as this offer will remain valid, until all of these job lot pallets will be sold.

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