Hush Puppies wholesale footwear for women

Since there are plenty of ladies wholesale footwear brands, today we would like to share with You a deal on the brand, which is offering classic American shoes – Hush Puppies.

This offer has been introduced by a Dutch wholesaler of shoes and clothing, and consists of 3056 pairs of brand new ladies shoes. All of this footwear is packed in original retail boxes. Below You will find an actual picture of those shoes and package.

hush puppies wholesale footwear

The sizes ration is very rich: 36-42. All of these Hush Puppies wholesale shoes are black. There are some sales restrictions concerning this wholesale clearance deal. Due to undisclosed regulations, these wholesale shoes cannot be resold in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Because of that, the wholesaler is searching for the buyers or distributors from other countries.

Detailed information about the deal: wholesale shoes