Hasbro wholesale toys stock clearance

Some time ago, we have presented You an offer of Hasbro wholesale toys clearance stock. This parcel have been sold out almost instantly, nevertheless the wholesaler seems to have a sort of cooperation with Hasbro distributors. Why? Because today we have received another opportunity of purchasing Hasbro wholesale toys at clearance price!

hasbro toys wholesalers

The conditions of this stock clearance deal on Hasbro wholesale toys are very simple. The wholesaler has almost 4600 pcs of new Hasbro wholesale toys for sale, and is searching for the buyers, who are able to take at least couple of hundreds of these wholesale toys per order. The minimum to spent is EUR 2500, and if You will spent at least EUR 10.000, a wholesaler will grant You a 5% discount.

In order to help You with making decisions concerning this wholesale toys stock clearance deal, the wholesaler enclosed a packing list. The list, as well as some detailed information about this deal, are available here: wholesale toys