GoClever smartphones wholesale clearance

One of UK wholesalers is currently offering a wholesale clearance deal on GoClever smartphones. Although this brand belongs to the cheap ones, most of the GoClever smartphones’ specifications are way above the typical low-end handsets. To make the buyer’s decisions easier, the asking price of these mobile phones has been reduced to clear.

Only one model is available within this transaction, and it’s specification can be found below. The UK wholesaler informed, that all of these wholesale smartphones are new, but the the boxes have already been opened.

goclever wholesale mobile phones

GoClever 450Q smartphone: 4.5″ screen, 4×1.2GHZ processor, 1GB RAM, 4GB storage, dual camera

This wholesale clearance deal includes 300 GoClever 450Q mobile phones total, and the minimum to order is 100 handsets. We do not know if there is an option of collecting these smartphones in person, so if this is the best way of completing the deal for You, please contact the wholesaler and ask about that.

More information about this deal: click here