Frying pans’ sets wholesale clearance

There are not too many wholesale offers on home goods at our website, and today we would like to improve these statistics a bit. After all, we are informing You here about interesting wholesale deals of all kinds, therefore the offers on discount wholesale home goods should also appear here, whenever we find some good deals on these products.

Today we have actually found an interesting wholesale clearance deal of this sort. A Greek wholesaler has announced a warehouse clearance deal on frying pans. He is able to offer You 3-pieces sets of frying pans at the wholesale clearance price.

frying pans warehouse clearance

Sizes of these frying pans are as follows: 24cm, 26cm, 28cm. Neither the minimal order amount, nor the available quantity has been disclosed by the supplier, so please contact him and ask about that, if You have any interests in purchasing these home goods.

Finally, please remember that this is a wholesale clearance deal, so the first come first served rule applies here.

More information about this offer: wholesale clearance