Friss & Company wholesale shoes and bags mixed lot

One of the European suppliers of wholesale garments offers a mixed lot of Friss & Company footwear and handbags for sale. If You are not familiar with the brand’s name, then You should know that it is a Danish brand, quite popular among the customers.

Below You will find a photo of some part of this stock lot. There are lots more products total for sale, as the whole batch includes 4000 pairs of ladies wholesale shoes and 1050 ladies wholesale bags.

friss and company stock lot footwear

As usual for the stock lot deals on wholesale garments, the wholesaler wants to sell the whole lot.

All products are new, and will be delivered with full paperwork, which prove the authenticity of the goods. You can consider a stock inspection too, as this really is a serious deal to make. In order to make an appointment with the supplier of these wholesale shoes and bags by Friss & Company, please contact him directly.

Finally, we have no packing list of this stock lot, but You might want to view some more pictures of this lot, as well as get some more information about the offer. For Your convenience, we have added a source of our information below.

Friss & Company wholesale shoes and bags stock lot: detailed information