Fila wholesale clothing stock lot for sale

Fila job lot clothes, footwear and accessories is available to purchase from one of the wholesalers. This stock lot consists of many different types of apparel and shoes, including some winter clothing accessories.

The total available amount of products is 2850 pieces, and the wholesaler is basically interested in selling them to one buyer. Because of that, all orders and inquiries about taking the whole job lot will have a priority for him.

Fila winter clothing wholesale

The list of available wholesale clothes and shoes includes various footwear for children and adults, sportswear, tops and bottoms, winter hats, gloves and scarves, some backpacks and messenger bags and more. The choice is therefore very rich, but as stated above, the take all deal is the most desired option by the wholesaler.

The wholesaler took some more pictures of this stock lot, and to view them, please go to the link available at the bottom of this post. You will then be able to get some detailed information about the products, because we neither have a list of available items, nor the sizes ratios for the certain types of clothes and shoes.

More pictures and information about Fila clothing and footwear stock lot: click here