Don’t be afraid to inspect the stock

We do not have to convince You, that security of the wholesale deals is a crucial aspect for successfull and fruitful development of this business. We know that most of You do verify Your potential suppliers. We are also aware of the fact, that the increasing number of wholesale buyers is using secure payment options to complete the deal.

Still, for us it is a bit strange, that most of wholesale buyers have anything against inspecting the merchandise in person. From our point of view, it really is the most secure and reliable option of completing the deal.

security of wholesale deals

Of course, we do understand that this has it’s minor disadvantages, yet it’s worth doing whenever:

a) a wholesaler gives You such opportunity without any hesitation
b) You are considering a big b2b deal with the certain supplier

Obviously, “big” is a relative phrase here, but let’s keep it simple. In our opinion, a big deal is either a purchase of bigger stock than usual, or spending some more cash on the wholesale products than usually.

We will not give You any basic profits of inspecting the goods on Your own. Instead, we suggest You reading the article about that, which we find quite inspiring and convincing.

The article: wholesale deals