Diesel mixed wholesale clothing for ladies and men

We continue informing You about the branded wholesale clothing deals. Today, we have found for You an offer of Diesel wholesale clothes, available from Romanian stock clearance wholesaler.

The wholesaler has a total amount of 3500 pcs of Diesel wholesale clothes for sale. He is not interested in selling these clothes in smaller batches, therefore only taking the whole lot is an option for him.

diesel wholesale clothes

The stock includes various Diesel wholesale clothes for women and men, with the ratio of 30% of men’s garments and 70% of ladies designs. All of these wholesale clothes have never been worn, and have all labels and tags, including pricetags. This parcel of Diesel wholesale clothes does not include any clothing accessories. There are only clothes for sale.

The wholesaler is opened for any stock inspections in his warehouse. The only requirement of his is to make an appointment with him.

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