Daewoo refurbished microwaves wholesale

Hungarian wholesaler has a large stock of Daewoo refurbished microwaves for sale. The total available amount of these microwave ovens is 875 units.

All of these wholesale microwaves have been fully refurbished, therefore all of them work properly. Of course, since these are wholesale refurbs, they might have some cosmetic imperfections.

daewoo wholesale microwave ovens

According to the information provided by the wholesaler, there are couple of different styles of this microwaves: 70% of them are retro, 10% are inox, and the remaining 20% are other. Each of these Daewoo microwaves is sold with all accessories, and is packed in original retail package.

The minimum to buy is 100 units. If You would like to find out more about this wholesale deal, then please visit the following link: the offer.