Christmas decorations wholesale stock for sale

Last week, we have shared with You a deal on wholesale winter clothes. For us, this was a clear sign, that the winter season approaches, at least in wholesale industry. Today, we have another proof, which confirms the statement from the last week.

wholesale christmas decorations

As You can see, this time we are informing You about Christmas decorations wholesale lot for sale. There are 120.000 rattan products total available to buy, including mini Christmas trees, girlands, stars and Christmas bubbles. All of these items are made in the same style, as can be seen in the picture from above. For more pictures of this wholesale lot, please click the link at the bottom of this posting.

The wholesaler is basically interested in a take all deal, so if You are interested in smaller amount of these Christmas decorations, Your order may not be completed, at least for a while. Alternatively, You can send Your inquiry to the wholesaler, and wait for his reply.

More pictures of this stock: Christmas decorations wholesale