Cheap wholesale jewelry stock lot for sale

Although we announce You this deal as a cheap wholesale jewelry to buy, it does not mean that the quality of the available products is low. We used this expression only because of the prices set by the supplier of this wholesale jewelry.

Moreover, these are actually branded wholesale goods, because this stock lot includes 2400 pcs of Breil jewelry for sale. The list of available jewelry consists of approximately 500 necklaces, 600 earrings and 1300 bracelts. All of the available items are made from stainless steel.

breil jewelry stock lot for sale

The minimal amount to take is 200 pcs, and buyers are allowed to mix the assortment, in order to meet this requirement. Nevertheless, You might be interested in taking the whole lot too. For such situation, a discount will be granted by the wholesaler. For more pictures of this wholesale jewelry please click this link.

The whole lot is available in Netherlands, but we do not know if the collecting the products in person is an option for the seller. Still, You can always ask him about that directly.