Cheap wholesale goods mixed lot for sale

This time, we have found a cheap wholesale stock of various damaged products for You. A UK based wholesale supplier offers an excess inventory, including many different items. Just mind, that this parcel is offered as a whole, and there will be no option of choosing the products You want to buy.

The bottom line is that the offers like this do not appear too often, but are quite interesting for startuppers, who are trying to make their way in general retail sales, like carboot sale or pound line shops etc.

surplus cosmetics

This parcel includes the following categories of cheap wholesale merchandise: toys, gift sets, cosmetics, weather stations, nintendo cases and many, many more products. We do not have any detailed information about the other goods, but the wholesaler informs, that he is able to send the packing lists upon request. Also, please remember that the wholesaler graded the products as broken, therefore You will not be able to complain about the condition of the goods.

For detailed information about this offer, please follow the link.