Cheap wholesale food for sale: potatoes residual stock

Cheap wholesale food stocks are an important part of the wholesale market. Because of the reduction of the unit price, the buyers are eager to get them, and the wholesalers have their stocks moving fast. One of the offers of this type, has just been sent to us by one of the residual stock wholesalers from the UK.

He is currently selling a large cheap wholesale food stock, which includes potatoes only. The total available amount of these potatoes is 1000 tonnes of the following kinds: Marfona and Sagitta.

cheap wholesale food

All of these potatoes have not been washed, and are packed in bags of 25kg each. To buy this cheap wholesale food, You need to order at least 1 tonne of these potatoes, as this is the minimal order amount.

For more information about this offer, please go to this link: click here