Buying discounted wholesale food

Today we would like to write a few words concerning the discounted wholesale food and beverages deals. This is quite interesting niche, but due to different legal regulations in the countries of the world, and essential differences between the types of products’ shelf life indications, it varies a lot.

The basic aspect of buying and selling short-dated or outdated wholesale food, is a difference between expiration date and best before date.

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BBD (best before date) generally refers to the preserved food, i.e. canned or frozen. This date means, that the quality of the product might decrease after passing the date, yet the product will most likely remain harmless. In contrary, the expiration date, or use by date, refers to those products, which can be harmful if consumed after the date.

That is why, when You think about buying or selling outdated wholesale food, in most cases You mean those products, which have passed theirs best before dates, not their expiration dates.

Currently, there are some wholesalers of expired food in Europe, but this market is still small enough, to start a successful business of this sort. And if You are considering retail sales of wholesale food of this sort, then You will probably be interested in the offers like the one from below.

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