Branded make-up and beauty wholesale cosmetics

Cheap wholesale cosmetics’ deals are not only popular among the traders, but also belong to the group of most desired products. The best possible option for a buyer, is to find a stocklot wholesale deal on branded cosmetics. Such offer guarantees both, a decent price and large volume of products to take.

cheap wholesale cosmetics

An offer of this sort has just been listed by A Belgian supplier of stocklot cosmetics and beauty products. He has a huge lot of branded cosmetics for sale, with a majority of Maybelline and L’Oreal goods. Neither the packing list nor the available amount has been disclosed, but You can always keep in touch with the supplier and ask about some more details.

The supplier informs, that this offer will be valid until these surplus cosmetics will be sold. The minimal order quantity is one box of 600 pcs of these cosmetics, so it is not a requirement hard to meet. We know that seller is willing to give discounts on bigger orders, so if this merchandise will suit You, You might consider a bigger order.

Just remember to act fast, if You are interested in making an order, because the wholesaler will not notify us about selling out the stock.