Bankrupt stock perfume wholesale transactions

We have just came across two wholesale offers on fragrances. Both of them are on well-known brands of perfumes, and both of them are a great chance of making a good deal.

One of the offers is on Kappa wholesale fragrances. This is a very large bankrupt stock, as the wholesaler has approx. 200.000 pcs of fragrances total for sale. The minimal order for this liquidation stock perfume is 60.000 pieces, so probably the deal will be considered by chainstore owners or other wholesalers. There are 4 different Kappa fragrances available, all manufactured in EU, and stored in a warehouse in Germany. What’s very important for this deal, is that there are no sales restrictions on this stock. A buyer will be able to sell these perfumes everywhere.

Another perfumes wholesale deal is on Bvlgari fragrances. These bankrupt stock cosmetics are available in 100ml bottles. Of course, the whole stock includes authentic Bvlgari fragrances. The minimal order for this parcel is 5000 bottles and the whole stock is located in a warehouse in Italy. The supplier of this stock does not mention whether there are any sales restrictions or not, so buyers have to contact him directly and ask.

Just do not forget that these deals come from two different wholesalers of bankrupt and liquidation stocks. Still, both of them are really interesting and worth considering.