Gucci, Lacoste and Chloé wholesale fragrances

Clearance stock of branded wholesale fragrances is available to purchase from one of the wholesalers from Europe. The list of brands available within this wholesale clearance deal is very impressive, and includes over 40 popular brands of perfumes!

The wholesaler has lots of perfumes for sale, and because of that he only mentioned few of the brands within the offer. These are Gucci, Lacoste and Chloé wholesale fragrances.

gucci wholesale fragrances

Probably, to get the full list of available wholesale perfumes, You will have to contact him directly and ask about a manifest. He informed us, that all of these perfumes are brand new, packed in original retail boxes, and authentic. The important thing and a good news about this wholesale clearance deal is the fact, that there are no sales restrictions on these goods. In other words, once You purchase some of these wholesale perfumes, You will have full right to resell them anywhere in the world.

The wholesaler’s minimal order condition is clear. To make an order, Your order needs to be worth at least EUR 499, so probably even smaller retailers will have a chance to buy some branded wholesale fragrances.

For any specific information about this wholesale clearance deal, we encourage You to visit this website: link

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