Yves Rocher toiletries and cosmetics wholesale lot

Sometimes, when a certain promotion ends, a retailer is left with an excess stock of promotional products. In most cases, he is selling these goods for highly reduced price to the wholesaler, who is specialized in buying clearance stocks and overstocks, and knows how to resell such goods. The today’s offer, is a good example for that.

One of the European wholesalers is offering a parcel of Yves Rocher wholesale toiletries and cosmetics. As You can see in the uploaded picture, all of these wholesale cosmetics and toiletries were packed in sets, and now are available for sale in sets too. Each set includes 4 different products.

Yves Rocher wholesale cosmetics

The wholesaler has 500 sets of these goods for sale, and will sell it for the lowest price, if any buyer will order them all. If not, then there is an option of ordering at least 100 sets, but for a higher price. Obviously, the final price will then depend on the quantity ordered by the certain buyer.

Probably, You would like to view some more pictures of this clearance stock, before making any decisions, so for Your convenience, we are publishing a link, where You will find them, as well as some more information about these wholesale products: click here