Wholesale leather shoes for adults and children

This time, we would like to present You a wholesale offer of leather shoes. We have received this deal from a Estonian wholesaler of clothing and footwear, so please remember about that, if You are thinking about collecting the products in person.

The stock lot includes brand new wholesale shoes only. As said in the title of this posting, it only includes leather footwear, with models for men, women and children. An examplary picture shows one of the available models of ladies’ shoes.

wholesale shoes

Most of this stock lot, approximately 60% of the available footwear, are spring/summer shoes, while the rest are fall/winter ones. The wholesaler did not specify the exact quantities of men’s, women’s and children’s shoes, so if this is an important information for You, please contact him directly.

The total available amount of these wholesale leather shoes is 2500 pairs. Please mind, that the wholesaler is offering this stock lot as a whole, so there is no option of placing a smaller order. For more information concerning this deal, please go to the following website: link