Wholesale appliances by Samsung mixed lot

This time we are informing You about the offer of Samsung wholesale appliances for sale. The offer includes various Samsung wholesale white goods, but all of them are either B or C graded.

This means, that all of these wholesale appliances might have some small or bigger blemishes, scratches etc. We haven’t been informed by the wholesaler about the details, so You should ask him about the grades meaning, before You will book a part of this stock.

samsung wholesale appliances

Besides the side-by-side refrigerators, the stock includes some washing machines and tumble dryers, as well as ovens and some other white goods. There are 500 wholesale appliances total available to buy, and the minimum to order is 50 of them.

The basic payment term, is to pay the 10% of the price to book the certain part of stock. The rest has to be paid before these wholesale appliances will be loaded on a truck or trucks. To find out more about this deal, please visit this webpage: the offer