Skechers wholesale shoes stock – 3Wheelers for sale

Today we have a bit unusual deal on wholesale shoes for You. The wholesaler from Portugal is offering Skechers wholesale footwear for sale. What’s unusual about that, You might ask. Well, in our opinion, it is the type of these Skechers wholesale shoes.

The stock consists of 3Wheelers skate shoes by Skechers. In general, these are wholesale shoes and roller skates in one, as You can see in the picture:

skechers wholesale shoes

The wholesaler informs, that these wholesale shoes are available in black and white colour, and the sizes ratio is 39-42. The wholesale stock of these Skechers shoes includes 3909 pairs of 3Wheelers total, and partial orders of minimum 1000 pairs are possible. Smaller orders will not be discussed by the wholesaler.

The whole stock is ready for the delivery, so this will probably be a fast deal. If You are interested in these wholesale shoes, please view the detailed information about this offer: click