Sergio Tacchini wholesale footwear for men

If You are basically interested in reselling Sergio Tacchini wholesale footwear, then we have found a clearance sale of these shoes for You. The wholesaler is offering 600 pairs of brand new shoes of this brand, all of them are men’s models.

The basic thing about this offer, is that You will need to order all of the available pairs of these shoes, to make a deal with this wholesaler. To make the decision easier, the wholesaler reduced the price of this footwear.

Sergio Tacchini wholesale footwear

In the picture, You will find the only available model and colour of these shoes. The style’s name is Geneva, and the colour is grey. The sizes ratio is not full, because the available sizes of these shoes are 6, 9, 10, 11. Of course, these are men’s sizes.

All of this trainers are packed in original boxes, and then packed to the masterboxes of 7 pairs each. If You would like to purchase this clearance stock, please view some more pictures of it first. In the following link, You will find all of the pictures uploaded by the wholesaler: the link