Today we would like to present a wholesale offer on a cancel order stock of hoverboards listed for export by a company from the United States.

The stock comes from a cancel order and it is offered at the price of $ 99.00 USD. This is a take-all price, CIF – ASWP, however the total quantity is 2,500 units, whereas the minimum order quantity required is 500 units, so you can acquire a smaller stock at a slightly higher price. If you decide to purchase 500 hover boards, the price will be $ 109.00 USD.


hoverboards - balancing wheels wholesale stock

         hoverboards – balancing wheels wholesale stock

The products are of Chinese manufacture. They have RoHS, CE, FCC certificates. They feature LED light and Bluetooth. Their battery (LG, Samsung / Lithium Ion 36V/4.4AH Battery) charging time takes about 1-2 hours (battery capacity: 4400mAh), which should last for a range of 15-25km. The hoverboards are available in  Red, Gold, Blue, White and Black colours. They have been packaged in carton box (dimensions: 584*186*178mm).

More information and pictures are available at this LINK.

You can pay for the goods by a  bank transfer, in cash or by making a payment online. The seller offers international shipping or collection in person.